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GR085 : South Pacific Golf and Leisure Estates, Catalunan Pequeno, Davao City

GR085 : South Pacific Golf and Leisure Estates, Catalunan Pequeno, Davao City

Soouth Pacific Golf and Leisure Estates

Come home to South Pacific Golf and Leisure Estates - an enchanting community that sits in the unspoiled town of Catalunan Peque?o in progressive Davao City. It is the first exclusive leisure estate that will give members unlimited access to both golf and country club and beach.

The Residential Community
Wake up to sun-drenched days in a dream home that bodes of pleasure and serenity. South Pacific Golf and Leisure Estates presents a residential community charming in its rusticity and reminiscent of Europe's Mediterranean Villages. Beautifully laid-out, this community fulfills your visions of a quiet, easy, and harmonious family life.

The Golf Course and Golf and Country Club
There are plenty of ways to break into the action here at South Pacific Golf Club. At the Arnold Palmer Golf Course, your arrival at every hole brings a new challenge and a sight to behold. The exquisitely designed 18-hole full-length open course is a challenge to your swing and a feast to your senses. Rolling greens are also masterfully laid out within a natural setting of ponds and creeks, taking your golf game on a new high in a calm, and relaxing atmosphere.

The Beach Club
Presenting a dreamy and serene sight at the water's edge is the Bali Hai Beach Club in Talikud Island. Nothing can be more pristine in a place where glistening bluish-green waters and miles of fine, white sand greet you. Aside from being a charming and exotic get-away, Bali Hai Beach Club boasts of high-end facilities and conveniences.

South Pacific lot buyers get to have the chance of waking up to the sight of the sea's endless expanse as membership to the beach club is for free for every lot purchase.

Location : South Pacific Golf and Residential Estates, Catalunan Pequeno, Davao City



Lot Size (sqm) : 204 sqm. - 400+ sqm.

Price per sqm : Php 12,000.00 (ordinary lots) | Php 13,000 (fairway lots)

Reservation Fee : Php 20,000

Map of lot availability at South Pacific Golf and Leisure Estates
*** Lots with black dot mean they are already SOLD

Basic Requirements:
1. Residence Certificate or Cedula recent this year
2. TIN - Tax Identification Number (scanned copy of TIN ID or if NONE, pls provide us your birth certificate plus SPA for us to get you one)
3. 2pcs - id picture (1x1 or 2x2)
4. passport and/or any valid ID
5. birth certificate/marriage certificate (for married)
6. Waiver of Consugal rights (with foreign spouse only)
7. Proof of Billing in Philippine residence only, original copy (water or light & power)
8. 24 Post Dated Checks
9. Proof of Billing -2 original/different bills, either water, light, phone bills in your name, if not in your name we will provide you a copy of a Proof of billing certificate for you to fill up

Major requirements:
1. Client Registration Form
2. Buyers Information Sheet
3. Reservation Agreement
4. Sample copy of the Special Power of Attorney if you have a trustee here in Davao City
5. Then we will give you the ff: if we already have the Reservation Application.
a. Contract to sell (term payments)
b. Deed of Absolute Sale (spot cash payment)

Residential Features & Amenities:

  • Multi-purpose clubhouse

  • Basketball court

  • Picnic grounds

  • Swimming pool

  • Landscaped entrance gate with guardhouse

  • Underground drainage system

  • Cemented sidewalks with promenade trees

  • Centralized interrelated water system with overhead tanks

  • Cemented curbs

  • 8-, 10-, 12-meter wide concrete roads

  • Mercury lamps along the roads

  • Electrical facilities

South Pacific Davao

Golf Club

  • Golfer's lounge

  • Driving Range

  • Shower and locker rooms

  • Fine Dining Restaurant

Bali Hai Beach Club

  • Swimming Pool with Gazebo

  • Volleyball Beach Court

  • Open Tennis Court

  • Open Basketball Court

  • Playground

  • Fully-furnished Villas

  • Picnic Tables

Price : Php 12,000    (ordinary lots) | Php 13,000 (fairway lots) + 480,000 (Golf Shares) payable upto 10 years


Lot Size (sqm) : 204

Price per sqm : Php 9,000.00 (ordinary lots) | Php 10,000 (fairway lots) + 480,000 (Golf Shares) payable upto 10 years

Reservation Fee : Php 20,000

Location Details
South Pacific Golf and Leisure Estates Location Map

How to get there: South Pacific Residential Estate and Golf Course is in Catalunan Pequeno, Davao City. It can be accessed via Puan Road and Catalunan Pequeno Road. Bali Hai Beach Club is in Talikud Island, Samal.

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